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Gli Aceri di Omate Our company

The tenacity and experience gained are now present in what is considered one of the most important Japanese maple producing companies in Omate: Aceri di Omate Ltd. Embraced by the Molgora Natural Park, the company carefully selects the best plants and nurtures them individually from the moment of sowing. Additionally, the company employs the most innovative grafting techniques, regular transplants, and the transition from field cultivation to pot cultivation. All of this sets apart "Aceri di Omate," allowing them to be appreciated in the finest Garden Centers and by enthusiasts throughout Europe.

Gli Aceri di Omate A color for each season

Indeed, there is no better description for these plants. From spring to autumn, it's a succession of colors and shades. The morning dew, the sunset light, the gentle spring rain, and the warm winter snow always create new atmospheres, increasingly rediscovering the beauty and originality of these plants. There are countless varieties of Japanese maples cultivated today, each different in the elegance of their foliage, the numerous colorations (which don't just concern the leaves, but also the buds, branches, and samaras), and the harmony of the branches which in some varieties create true sculptures even in the winter months.

Gli Aceri di Omate The land of Omate

Thanks to the environmental and territorial characteristics that well adapt to the natural needs of this plant, Omate (Municipality of Agrate Brianza), in the heart of Lombardy, is a leader in Italian and European production of Japanese maples. The land of Omate, once known for the cultivation of mulberry trees and vines, is now the epicenter of this nursery activity. Appreciated internationally, "Aceri di Omate" are indeed considered among the best on the market, and their "controlled origin" is synonymous with guarantee and quality.

Gli Aceri di Omate Controlled origin

Each maple is cataloged... To recognize and choose preferred varieties of Japanese maples, each "Acer di Omate" is provided with a tag containing all the botanical information and the guarantee of origin.

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